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Your source to still play TetriNET2

TetriNET2 you can find XTetriNET is an online multiplayer Tetris game, the game was really popular since its inception in 1997. TetriNET2 is an updated version created by TetriNET and released in the year 2000. The game was well received especially by the Linux community since it allowed an online version of the original Tetris game free of cost.

The game has special blocks in addition to the blocks available in Tetris game and the previous version of TetriNET. There are five new special blocks namely, Immunity where the target remains unaffected by any special for 15 seconds. Clear column block let you delete a column from the target. The mutate pieces block makes the target's pieces large and awkward shaped. Darkness block makes doesn't let the target to see surroundings. The confusion block mixes up the target's controls, it shuffles the keys and the moves.

The game was a hit in the online community moreover there were TetriNET2 game nights and tournaments organized by many such communities and users. This game allowed users to play a widely challenging Tetris game with unique gaming modes. TetriNET2 was considered one of the best online multiplayer modes of Tetris to be ever made. However, the game was criticized for lack of developments and updates by the users.

In 2007, TetriNET2 was shut down on the basis of Intellectual Property Rights violation charges pressed by Tetris Company. Apparently, in the U.S., a game cannot be copyrighted but only the name and music copyrights are legally valid. The TetriNET2 had a similar name as Tetris, the music was vastly different in style. Consequently, the game was shut down from an immediate cease and desist order direct from the Tetris company and remained completely unavailable online for many years until 2010 when the game was modified and relaunched through different servers and domain owners.

In 2010, the game was received pretty well but there were complaints regarding bugs and performance issues. More annoying is that the servers are often offline and the game is haphazard for anyone looking to rely on a running system. Still, the game was nostalgic for many online gamers that some even consider the Tetrinet2 a better platform for the multiplayer Tetris game than the original ever was to play. The game hasn't been modified for a long time and you could find it a little problematic to use- however the site is still up and running for now.

If you need a better version of TetriNET2 you can find it here at: http://www.plibble.comitfast.php

This site offers many bug fixes and a truly modified version of TetraNET2. This game will be nostalgic for you if you've been an online gamer since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. If you are someone who has never played Tetris multiplayer mode online, I'd definitely recommend this Enjoy the Tetrinet Fast version game and have a game night with your friends, reminiscing the 90’s. Tetrinet Fast has been a gamechanger in the online gaming arena, get your hand at this new source to play it with ease.

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