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TetriNET legend St0rmcat, So What's Next?

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Okay, so it's 2019 and I haven't heard much about one of the legends in game developing. Whatever happened to St0rmcat? Just to give a background, St0rmcat is the developer of the legendary game TetriNET.

In case you are not familiar, TetriNET was launched way back in 2000 and I and my officemates have become addicted to this game. And not only that, since the game mechanics were so simple, I turned it into a bribe for my nephews and nieces at home to move them into doing some household chores. Oh, how they love playing the game!

This addictive game is just like the standard Tetris but can be played by up to 6 players. Also, the TetriNET came with a twist. If you loved playing Tetris, then I am pretty sure you will love TetriNET much more. The mechanics of this game is so simple and user-friendly. The rows that break automatically generate special blocks that will emerge in the players field. When a row with a special block breaks, the special block is then added to the players blocks inventory. When the player breaks multiple rows all at the same time, the player will then receive much more special blocks in his inventory. A player has the option to utilize a special block at the start of his inventory in any one of the six fields at any given point. In this game the player can either Add Line, Clear Line, Clear Special Blocks, can do Random Blocks Clear, Block Bomb, and Block Gravity. The player can also Switch Fields and Nuke Field. The last player who has the means to still place blocks in their field is hailed as the winner of the game. Back then, I and my officemates even learn various cheats to win the game. Lol! With the game being so simple to play, it has been a break time staple in my office.

I also remember how it came with a then-popular tune. If I am not mistaken, it was a MIDI file to the tune of ‘The Dance of the Spheres’

Furthermore, the TetriNET has different variants. I remember shifting games from the TetriNET, to the TetriFAST, and even Blocktrix which are mods of the game. Unfortunately, the game was shut down in 2007 since The Tetris Company requested for it just as they did to the other Tetris game imitations. Needless to say, it has become unavailable for years until 2010 due to popular gamers demand. Its website and servers have been recovered and restored.

Well, this thought about St0rmCat came into my mind because I recently saw him over at where I carry like to trade my extra spoils of war gathered from Call of Duty. Not sure if its really him though- lots of people often take screen names just to get attention. I've been following his activities ever since I saw him there but sadly his account is not showing any movements of late. The one thing I seem to have noticed is that he also logs into this particular Steam trading hub on a regular basis. Besides rarely being online, he seems to be a real recluse. I know...I know.... the stalker in me is just really interested to know what his plans are and what he is currently doing, I guess it might be rude if I private messaged him from my account. My bigggest question would probably be what does he have coming up for any new game releases since TetriNET was shut down so many years ago? What has he been up to and why has he been so quiet. I think we all want to know.