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An online community stripped of a multiplayer classic

Tetris Company GThe online community was hit hard by the sudden closure of an online game. The players really enjoyed games that not only passed time but also engaged their mental skills to the maximum. I want to imagine the amount of displeasure the multiplayer game addicts had after the closure, and I find it immeasurable. In this article, I will be trying to reveal to you how the online gamer's community were stripped of a classic game by the Tetris Company. Even before we get to the flesh of the article, let me give you a hint of what I'm talking about.

Every time I think about a perfect example of a multiplayer game that was shut down despite a lot of popularity among the online community, nothing else pops up in my mind apart from TetriNET 2 game that existed way before mindless dribble like Fortnite. The game was shut down in December 2007 leaving the online community of fans desperately longing for it to no avail. During the shutting down, there was no prior notice given by the company. It was abrupt. The game fans woke up to a shock and realized that the website and the game servers were unavailable. However, after I did thorough research on the issue, I realized that the shutdown was a request by the Tetris Company.

I believe that there is nothing that made people more displeasure than accepting the fact that their established tournaments had been ruined. The game had millions of players online, and numerous tournaments were underway. How would you feel at the realization that all your effort in the tournament came to an abrupt end with the game shut down? Wasted, isn't it? To make the matter worse, there were a lot of tournaments that had been well established through the free game itself. The tournaments involved the most outstanding players from all over the world. However, the game owner did not consider their efforts and all their work was abruptly brought down by the shutdown.

However, a ray of hope for the TetriNET 2 fans illuminated their situation after the game was revived.

In 2010, the game was re-introduced, but this time around, it had some developments. The game website was recovered and restored for the game lovers. Despite the new game, people still expressed divergent views as some did not love the features and wished they could get the original version. A later version called Tetrinet Fast also found some interest among older players which corrected software bugs that slowed the game by just a second

Today, there are many other games on internet platforms, but they cannot replace TetriNET 2 It did not only give the online community a chance to enjoy themselves but an avenue to engage their mental ability. They are geared towards entertainment purposes only The sad fact is that shutting down of the TetriNET 2 game left the online community in a desperate situation.