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Stacking up the competition- Tetrinet 2 still rules!

Heck, all I wanna do is talk about it. Hence this page. Exceptionally and lovingly created for the Tetrinet Geek. That one person who understands that there will never be any game like TetriNet. Sure, clones can try to mimic it But we all know it's irreplaceable. So around here, expect only Tetri talk. Below is a glimpse into some of the interesting topics we shall be getting into

Your source to play Tetrinet 2

Tetrinet 2 holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, myself included. I know a lot of people who would give anything to play Tetrinet 2 one more time If you consider yourself one of those people, you just came to the right place. This is your source for all the info you need to play Tetrinet 2, no bluffing.

Why stacking games build mental strategy?

Did you know that stacking games build mental strategy? If you did, well and good. If you didn't, after reading the content in this section, you will be knowledgeable too. Anyone who's played any stacking games recognizes how difficult they can get. Stacking games require some serious mental prowess if you want to win. Hence they are great at building mental strategy. You must be curious at how this is possible. Well, in this section, that is exactly what I'll be getting into And for those who have never played any stacking games, perhaps you will be inspired to try out one or more, who knows. One thing is clear though, stacking games offer more than just a fun experience. While you play, your mental prowess is growing too. Now, ain't that amazing.

Not only do stacking games help build mental strategy, there are deeper thinking games that inspire a gut feeling along with a proven mathematical fact among the online variety of casino themed games such as poker or blackjack. You might find it rather odd that casino games are mentioned, but the truth is that real playing strategy relies heavily on the selective memory of counting a series of presented cards in a standard deck. Free vegas slots are a perfect way to practice your strategic skills and learn to retain memory over the long haul.

An online community stripped of a multiplayer classic!

Once upon a time there existed a very special game. This game was beloved by very many people all over the world. Everyday hundreds of people would log into their accounts and enjoy this adventurous game. Then one day, a dark dawn set. Gamers all over the world woke up and when they logged into their accounts. They couldn't access their beloved game. It had been shut down. Oh, what a sad day it was. And worst of all, none of them knew that this was going to happen. It all happened so suddenly… More details about this multiplayer classic on the main page.

TetriNet legend Stormcat What he been up to lately?

There are game legends. And then there is Stormcat. I mean if you don know who Stormcat is then I don't know how you can call yourself a TetriNet geek. Stormcat is the ultimate TetriNet legend. More about our question, What's he been up to lately? Do you know? Well, I do. All I gotta say is just stay tuned on Tetri Geek for the good stuff. Just so you know, this info is well worth every second of your time.